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Like all great things, that have begun small, the beginning of Technotalent was also modest, quiet and with a purpose. The business of engineering consultancy, which was the forte of Technotalent, in material handling, weighing batching and total engineering solutions for the process industries, began in the early nineties. The globalization of the Indian industry, had thrown up many challenges to engineer products that met global competition and standards. Technotalent identified the shortcomings and shortages of quality products required by the Indian industry to meet the challenges and thus began sourcing products from all over the world.

Today, Technotalent offers the world's best in Vibration Motors, Pneumatic Vibrators, Vibrating Feeder, Vibrating Screen and Vibrating Table and an uncomparable innovative engineering product from Rosta.
  • Rubber Suspension Units
  • Oscillating Mountings
  • Anti Vibration Mountings
  • Tensioners Devices
  • Self Tensioning Motor Base
  • Foot Mounted Motor Vibrators
  • Flange Mounted Motor Vibrators
  • Direct Current (DC) Motor Vibrators
  • Stainless Steel (SS) Motor Vibrators
  • Pneumatic Ball Vibrators
  • Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators
  • Pneumatic Roller Vibrators
  • Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators

TBV - Ball Vibrators TPK - Piston Knockers
STV - Turbine Vibrators TPO - Piston Oscillators